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Glaucoma is a name given to a group of eye conditions that can result in damage to the optic nerve at the point at which it leaves the eye.

In most cases this happens because the pressure in the eye is too high and the end of the nerve becomes compressed, or you may have a normal eye pressure but a weakness in the Optic nerve.

If damage occurs to the optic nerve it will be unable to carry the full image to the brain and empty gaps occur in the field of vision . Some times the effects of damage on the Optic happen unnoticed until there is a significant loss of vision, noticed by patients as 'blind spots' Tunnels " or if they seem to trip or bump into objects more often.

Tests for Glaucoma

The most important aspect of glaucoma care is to attend the clinic for regular monitoring of the eye function (visual field test), eye pressure checks and measurements of the optic nerve (OCT). These tests can all be done at your routine visit.

Treatments for Glaucoma

There are several options for treatment for example eye drops, tablets laser treatment or surgery. However early detection is very important because any damage that occurs to the optic nerve cannot be reversed, treatment is aimed at preventing damage ,maintenance of vision and controlling the condition .

If you have any symptoms ,have been diagnosed or have a family history of glaucoma then make an appointment at Samaya Specialized Centre for further advice.

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